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Convert and Calculate; ... What I need to know is how many square feet or square yards 1 metric tonne of rock would cover. ... converting metric tonnes into square feet or square yards I can estimate using the density I found for trap rock, 180 pounds/cubic foot. But if this project costs alot I would hesitate to use this estimate as I would ...

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What Is 1 Ton in Cubic Meters? A ton is a measure of weight, whereas a cubic meter is a measure of volume, so the material must be known to be able to convert the units. One ton of pure water is equal to 1 cubic meter. There are 1,000 liters in 1 cubic meter of pure water, and a liter of pure water ...

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Im building an 18 square meter patio and will be putting down about 2 inches of hardcore.Is there an equation to work out how many KGs/Tonnes i will need?Thanks We use cookies to improve and personalise your browsing experience, to perform analytics and research, and to provide social media features. ... Patio project - how much hardcore will i ...

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Bulk Material Calculator (Sand, Gravel, Soil and Mulch) ... 8” CHOPPED STONE WILL COVER 45-50 LINEAR FEET PER TON 10 CHOPPED STONE WILL COVER 35-40 LINEAR FEET PER TON ... " to receive the approximate tons of random building stone such as Builders or Chopped stone needed for the specified square footage. Length (in Feet) Width (in Feet ...

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10 Tonnes Per Square Meter to Pounds Per Square Foot = 2048.1614 800 Tonnes Per Square Meter to Pounds Per Square Foot = 163852.9149 20 Tonnes Per Square Meter to Pounds Per Square Foot = 4096.3229

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Conversion chart for ton (U.S.) per square foot (British and U.S. (Imperial system), pressure conversion). Instant units and measurements conversion, metric conversion and other systems. Many units supported from common to very exotic ones.

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How to Convert Cubic Meter to Ton Register. 1 m^3 = 0.3531466672 ton reg 1 ton reg = 2.8316846592 m^3. Example: convert 15 m^3 to ton reg: ... cubic yards to cubic feet. cubic inches to gallons. gallons to cubic inches. cubic inches to liters. liters to cubic inches. cups to quart. quart to cups. cups to gallon. gallon to cups.

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How many metric tonnes in 1 tons? ... (exactly 907.18474 kg). In the United States it is often called simply "ton" without distinguishing it from the metric ton (or tonne) and the long ton —rather, the other two are specifically noted. ... US fluid ounce, 6'3", 10 stone 4, cubic cm, metres squared, grams, moles, feet per second, and many more ...

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Compacted Firechip weighs 2 tonnes per cubic metre. The minimum recommended depth for vehicle traffic is 75mm which means that 1 tonne will cover 7 square metres. For pedestrian traffic 50mm deep is sufficient allowing 1 tonne to cover 10 square metres.

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Landscape Material Calculator- Use this landscape material calculator, or chart, to determine how much gravel, sand, minus, dirt, or rock you will need

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I calculate hard core by metric width x length x thickness x 2.2 My calculation works out a little more hardcore than the other answer at. Post a job; ... How much hardcore needed for 3 sq metres shed base ... If the area is 3 meters squared and a sub base thickness of 75mm you will need 0.45 tonnes of hardcore which you will need to go over ...

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How much will i use per square meter of hardcore at 75mm deep. How much hardcore for a 10x10 meter at 75mm deep. Asked by: danny_480 8th Apr 2014. 2 Answers. Best Answer. The answer to your question is 10 x 10 x 075mm deep is 15 tons Peter. Answered 9th Apr 2014 Did you find ...

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Select a surface density conversion table with which to Convert kilogram per (square foot) to other surface density measurement units. Select units whose names contain any of the following checked keywords, where ∗ is a wildcard for partial matches: ... long ton per (square centimeter)

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1 centimetre = 10 mm 1 decimetre = 10 cm 1 metre = 100 cm 1 kilometre = 1,000 m. 1 foot = 12 inches 1 yard = 3 feet 1 (statute) mile= 1,760 yards

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The area of a residential property and things included on that property is often given in square feet. On the other hand, things you might need for that property, such as soil, are typically sold in cubic meters.

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How to Size a Commercial Air Conditioner. September 13, 2016. ... Air conditioner size is rated in tons and the sizes available increase in 1/2-ton increments. The average commercial A/C size ranges from 2 tons for small buildings to as much as 30 tons for very large buildings. ... Step 1. Calculate the square footage of the space (building or ...

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Weight Conversion Tables . How may tonnes in a cubic metre Dry sand fine 1.28 tonnes per cubic metre Dry sand coarse 1.6 tonnes per cubic metre Topsoil (some moisture) 1.44 tonnes per cubic metre Ballast 1.76 tonnes per cubic metre Gravel MOT Type 1 scalpings 1.92 tonnes per cubic metre

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Say a measured cubic foot weighs 10 kg. There are 1000 kg in a metric ton. Therefore one metric ton has an equivalent volume of 100 cubic feet. Of course in the real world you won’t have nice round even numbers to work with.

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As I have learnt, these two cannot just be converted, like feet to meter vv. or Lbs to Kg vv. A tonne is a measure of mass, weight. 1 m^3 is a volumetric measure.

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tons for square footage. by javier salinas (los angeles ca) For two tons of flagstone approximately how many square feet will be laid down?????

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How to Calculate Heat Pump Sizes for Square Foot Area ... What Size Heat Pump Should I Use for an 1800 Square Foot Home? Animals of the Ecosystem How to Reglaze a Bathroom Sink How to Whiten a Shower Basin How to Reset an Alarm Panel ... By creating an account you agree to the Hunker

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Fast and easy conversion with Cubic Meters ⇄ Metric Tonnes calculator on NinjaUnits. Two ways conversion Cubic Meters ⇄ Metric Tonnes calculator. Fast and easy conversion with Cubic Meters ⇄ Metric Tonnes calculator on NinjaUnits. ... How many metric tonnes are in one cubic meter of water? 1 t wt. = 1 m 3 / cu m.

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Coverage Calculators These charts and calculators offer estimates of material coverage in general conditions. If your project requires additional calculations, please contact us .

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The basic metric unit of land area measurement is a square with each side 100 meters long, covering an area of 10,000 square meters. This unit of land is called …

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There are approx. 10 blocks to 1 square metre and you will use approx 0.012 cubic metres of wet sand and cement to lay them with a 10mm joint. This is equivalent to 31kg. [back to top]

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Divide the square footage needed by the coverage per ton Example: A patio or wall is 20' long and 8' wide or high and you would like to use Buff Patio flagstone that has a coverage of 110-130 square feet per ton.

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1 square metre = 10.764 sq. feet: 1 square metre = 1.196 sq. yards: 1 square inch = 645.20 sq. mm: 1 square foot = 0.0929 sq. metres: 1 Square yard ... Weights of materials. Dry sand fine = 1.28 tonnes per cubic metre: Dry sand coarse = 1.6 tonnes per cubic metre: Topsoil (some moisture) = 1.44 tonnes per cubic metre: Ballast = 1.76 tonnes per ...

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Apr 28, 2006· Would appreciate any advice on how much hardcore to use prior to laying slabs. Total area is 55m2 and gardener has said approx 5-6" deep. He has advised 5 tonne but I have conflicting advice from others ranging up to 10 TP bags! Many thanks in advance.

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Calculations & Conversions. ... 9 Square Feet = 1 Square Yard; 27 Cubic Feet = 1 Cubic Yard; 5,280 Feet = 1 Mile; 43,560 Square Feet = 1 Acre; 2000 Pounds = 1 Ton ... 50 FT x 50 FT x 1 FT = 2,500 CF / 27 = 92.5 CY x 2,700 LBS/CY = 249,750 LBS / 2000 LBS/TON = 125 Tons; Concrete – How Many Cubic Yards of Concrete are needed to fill in a 10 FT ...

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This number helps you determine the number of cubic feet or cubic yards of rock required. To find this number, decide how deep you want the rocks to be, such as 2 inches. Convert the inches into feet by dividing 2 by 12 to get 0.167. Multiply the square footage by the depth, such as 60 times 0.167 for about 10 cubic feet.

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Hardcore is broken bricks/concrete/rubble generally about a quarter brick size or smaller used to create the sub structure for a concrete floor. I'm building a 30sq m garage with a 400mm hole to fill with hardcore, problem is it's sold by weight not volume and I don't want to be a few tonnes short or over. I'll keep looking cheers Will

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Measurement conversion charts and converters for metric, imperial and US Customary systems. ... carat, ton. Volume. Metric and imperial volume conversions for liter, gallon, cup, quart, ounce, cubic meter, cubic feet ... to calculate how many inches in a mile, you must know how many inches in a foot, then how many feet in a mile and then ...

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In metric terms a square foot is a square with sides 0.3048 metres in length. One square foot is the equivalent to 0.09290304 square metres. Common references: The six floors of the White House (Washington D.C., U.S.A.) have a combined floor-space area of approximately 55,000 square feet.